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I am fascinated by the process of Becoming. How does something become itself?  My greatest teacher of Becoming is Nature.  A seed in the dark earth dreams of the tree it will become.  It has never seen sunlight or blue sky, yet it literally moves the earth to reach for both.

I am in awe of a seed's tenacity of spirit and willful determination. In painting, I investigate the process of Nature's Becoming in all its effort, exuberance, and mystery.  Over the years, I have painted abstract forms and ideas in many ways.  When I started painting nature-based abstraction, I found my path as an artist. Perhaps it is more right to say the Spirit of Becoming found me. 

Every time I pick up a brush to investigate Nature's mysteries I am more enchanted and grateful. When I paint in this way, I am simply the best version of myself.

​​Corey is an artist living in San Rafael, California with his husband Randy. Two Designers + One Garden. You can see our Interior Design Work at

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